History of browsers infographic

You may or may not know this, but March was a big month for browsers. Three of the big four web browsers – Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer – all released their latest versions!

What they bring for us are improved standards compliance, support for all of the latest technologies including HTML5 and CSS3 and importantly, improved user interfaces, but most excitingly … speed improvements!

If you use the internet at all (and I assume you do if you are reading this), you should race to your favourite browsers website and play the update game as soon as possible.

In the wake of all of these updates, SmashingApps posted an infographic that details the history of web browsers. It shows their creation date and popularity. Take a look and see just how far we have in the 17 years of the web browser!

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The History of Web Browsers - TechKing via SmashingApps

#epicwinning with ASOS Facebook competition

asos facebook competition

I won, I won, I won!!!! Can you tell that I’m super excited? It’s because I’ve won $300 worth of ASOS gear for free! In the words of one wise Charlie Sheen I think that makes me a “#biwinner”. “#epicwinning” indeed!

After I ‘liked’ ASOS on Facebook – one of the largest online fashion retailers which is based in the UK – I entered into their ‘Have one on us’ competition which sees one lucky buyer win their order for free. A winner is drawn every hour of the day, every day and you go into the draw to win your order’s worth of gift vouchers – lucky I had a big order then! They’ll send them to me via email within a week and I’ll have 300 clams to throw at some sweet British threads. ASOS have a serious good range, from super cheap to super designer and expensive, I love it!

Just another reason why I love Facebook! Small giveaways go a long way to keep your customers happy – and keep them coming back!

Sorry my life is so bitchin’ guys – I win here, I win there – ok enough Charlie Sheen quotes!

Yours in #epicwinning,

Do you know your target market?

The Neo Property Marketing Team possibly knew they were targeting bachelors when they conceptualised this advertising campaign for the sale of the property at 15 Queen Anne Court on the Gold Coast. Some might even say it’s spot on for the Gold Coast demographic.


This advert is just shy of 500,000 hits on youtube to date. Probably not all qualified leads wanting to view the advertised property, more likely for entertainment value.

But we can’t deny this TV advertisement going viral has lots of people talking so an interested buyer may have been it by now.

What are your thoughts on this style of advertising – sex sells?!

Yours in advertising,
Amber van Sloten

Brisbane’s biggest Easter chocolate buffet

If you like chocolate, this event will be the highlight of your year! The team at Bistro Allure will take you to a whole new level of chocolate appreciation to celebrate Easter, from Monday 18th April to Monday 2nd May 2011. For just $20, you can indulge in as much chocolate as you dare for the lunchtime session (11.30am to 3pm) or wear your best dress and a french bun for the dinner session (5.30pm to 9.30pm).

Spoil yourself and your friends on a chocolate feast of cakes, gateaux’s, slices, tarts, cheesecakes, puddings, mouth-watering sauces and more! I don’t know what the price to heaven is, but I’m pretty sure even Jesus would shout Pontius Pilate a 20 to experience this awesome event.

Bookings are essential, so if you want to see if there are any spots open after I’ve booked myself in for every session of every day, call Bistro Allure on (07) 3222 1128 or email them here.

Yours in pure indulgence,


Animation in television advertising

If you’re like me, you’re probably so accustomed to television advertising that you very rarely actually stop to watch how the commercial was made. I saw a fantastic new advertisement this week which prompted me to think about just how many tv ads are now being created that contain animation as opposed to physical elements and people.

The animation that we are starting to see in TV advertising is nothing short of amazing, with technologies and designs that are generally saved for the big screen being added to the budgets of companies the world over. Once I began to pay attention to the advertising I was watching, I soon realised that not only was animation used in commercials across a broad range of industries and products – I found that virtually every commercial I watched contained at least an element that was animated.

I think it shows how accessible animation is in the current marketing space and how marketing of product and services is moving in this general direction, where animated characters, as opposed to actual actors, are promoting product.

I have searched around and found an awesome and fun example of how animation is being used in advertising. Enjoy!


How many TV ads have you watched lately that use animation?

Yours in animated awesomeness,


Having a slow week?

Sometimes the working week seems to take forever and I can’t decide if it’s a good thing or not. This week has been one of those weeks for me.

Funnily enough, I came across a video during lunch that reminded me that taking a bit of time out to appreciate the little things around us can be really beneficial. Like, for example, the way a wave breaks in slow motion, or how inspiring a different perspective of the world can be.

So next time you’re stuck coming up with a creative idea, take a step back, slow down and appreciate the little things all around us or try imagine things from a different point of view.



Yours in slow motion,


London commuters meet Lynx’s augmented reality fallen angels

Yesterday I wrote about men’s body wash (Old Spice Campaign), now today I’m turning my attention to men’s deodorant. And with reason … yet again, advertising campaigns are exploring more interactive ways to engage with consumers.

This month Lynx and its ad agency BBH launched a campaign that used augmented reality to drop sexy fallen angels to earth to interact with Victoria Station commuters.

If you’ve ever walked through a station in London, you’ll appreciate just how insanely fast-paced and busy they can be. Thousands of people in heavy coats snap at eachother’s heels as they marathon walk their way in and out of the station. Rarely can anything pull commuters to a halt. But, when you have heavenly creatures luring you to stop and play … well, why not really?


Points to Lynx for creating some stillness and smiles in Victoria station. No doubt the hormone-driven teens and appreciative suits enjoyed their 30-odd seconds with these technology-born vixens.

Would you take the time to engage with this augmented reality campaigns?

Yours in advertising campaigns,


A campaign to die for: Illamasqua’s ‘Toxic Nature’ colour collection, Autumn 2011

As a make-up lover (yes, make-up is another addiction of mine!), I am often disappointed by the majority of advertising campaigns the high-end make-up brands deliver into the market space every year. They’re often the same drab looking old ads: a model – or in some cases, a celebrity – perfectly manicured within an inch of her life so she appears in the glossy spread without so much as a wrinkle or enlarged pore, wearing foundation, a ho-hum eye colour, mascara that promises the impossible and a glossy pale lip (or if they’re feeling dramatic, a vampy red lip … oooh-ahhh!). You know the kind of ad I am talking about … if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.

So when I came across Illamasqua’s Autumn 2011 collection called Toxic Nature, on a blog today (make-up lovers can read about the collection here), and saw the amazing collection’s accompanying advertising campaign, I sat up … and squealed with delight!

Not only is the makeup collection great, but the new ad campaign is TO DIE FOR! Finally! A make-up campaign that makes you think about what else you can do with makeup other than a nude lip and a smokey eye! Yes, unlike the stock-standard makeup advertisement would have you believe, the possibilities to makeup are endless, and it excites me that Illamasqua (a relatively new brand on Australian shores) has decided to showcase its amazing products in and amazing way that allows each product in the collection to shine … oh and the ads are just beautifully art directed; feast your eyes on these:

(Images via The Lip Print)

The campaign reminds me of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, however a much grittier and grown up Alice, and suits the name of the collection, Toxic Nature, and Illamasqua’s tagline “make-up for your alter-ego” perfectly. I am impressed. It’s about time make-up advertising got interesting! Now let’s see if the other leading brands take note!

Yours in advertising,


Hands up for public speaking

You know those things at the end of your arms?! The picky-uppy things – it’s just amazing how often those get in the way.

As a Presentation Skills and Media Skills Coach and Mentor it’s incredible how often I get asked the question “What do you do with your hands?”.

We use our hands every day to pick up things, scrape things, push, shove, wave, poke  and generally move stuff around, but when it comes to speaking in front of a group they can take on a life of their own.

As you stand in front of that group of friends, family, colleagues, business associates or potential clients, the occasion can take over and your nervous system starts to pull the strings. One of the side-effects of nervousness is strange, and often uncontrolled, body movements. You’ve probably seen it before. Some people rock backwards and forwards from heel to toe, others step from one foot to the other. Twitches, ticks and other odd movements all make up the “nervous burn-off” factor. One major action can be sudden and somewhat wild hand movements or over-use of hand gestures. When this starts to happen we tend to become quickly aware of it, and yet trying to stop it happening is another thing. And it’s a bit like not ever noticing a red car on the road and then you buy one and end up seeing them everywhere.

As soon as we become aware of the extreme hand gestures we tend to focus on it which can have an extremely deleterious effect on your presentation.

So, what can you do?

My general suggestion is that when you feel you are using hand gestures too much or too big, drop your hands to your sides and start afresh. If you tuck your elbows into your sides, only gesturing with half your arms, that will help you feel like you’ve reined them in as well.

Dropping your arms is going to feel a little weird but it’s better that you feel a little weird rather than adversely affecting the visual presence of your presentation as well as having your hands psyching you out as you go.

While you might feel that your audience knows and sees absolutely what’s going on, more than likely they have absolutely no idea and are happily listening to what you have to say.

Not using your hands at all is rather odd because most people embellish what they are saying with their hands. So continue to make those motions but trim them down and enjoy delivering your speech. Your audience will love it and you too!

Yours in public speaking,

Peter Buckley

Peter Buckley is Brio Group’s guest blogger. When he’s not writing blog posts, he’s a professional Speaker, MC and Mentor in Presentation Skills and Media Skills. Visit his website for more information.