Photofiles 09




If you love checking out the work of new emerging artists, but don’t have time to visit multiple galleries, Photofiles 2009 is the exhibition for you. Photofiles is an online gallery showcasing the photographs of the following emerging Brisbane artists:

Alithea Josephine
Hugo Presser
Chris Hoopman
Demi Cambridge
Melanie Thomas
Marty O’Hare
Kylie Shaw
James Beattie
Anna McMahon
Clarissa Bones

There’s some really interesting works, definitely worth a look!

The website is:

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Brisbane Galleries & Museums

Brisbane has a reputation as an art-loving place. A higher percentage of the Local population visits galleries and museums than in any other Australian capital city.

I think I know why. It is so easy! There are at least half a dozen Gallery or Museum spaces open at various times of the day in the Southbank area alone, including GOMA, the Qld Art Gallery, the State Library, the Qld Museum, Griffith university Gallery, and a Griffith uni Museum that I read about but have not had time to search out yet.

This embarrassment of Art riches just keeps on going in the city, with the Brisbane Museum at City Hall, and one of my favorites, the QUT Art Gallery that is reached by walking through the edge of the City Botanic Gardens at the end of George St. We usually make a day of it with a picnic in the gardens and a visit to the gallery.

There are a host of Art spaces in the Valley, and West End, and according to the City Life website, the regional areas around Brisbane are not missing out either. So go and feast your eyes, free art is everywhere.

Genius Westfield Facebook Campaign


I’ve just participated in a very sneaky but very clever marketing campaign for Westfield. Knowing full well that I was giving Westfield the rights to advertise on my Facebook page and post notifications without my permission…basically giving them free reign of my page I still signed up and let the sneaky bandits update my status with “All I want for Christmas is a Westfield Gift Card…and yes the evidence is below.


I know full well that I have no chance in winning and I know that I’m just joining the pack of little media monkeys spreading the word, giving Westfield more advertising for absolutely nothing. Maybe, deep down, I just wanted to support the clever kids behind this campaign…I guess I wish I’d thought of it myself. Damn.

Now I’m sure I’m most likely one of the last to jump on this bandwagon as my Facebook page is full of lots of status updates reading exactly the same thing. And they’ll probably be plenty more in the next few weeks. And we’ll probably be all too scared to change our status just in case we get kicked out of the running. I’ll probably just leave mine as is to be sure.

So to anyone out there who see’s my status and is tempted to buy me a Westfield voucher don’t do it. I really want a Freedom or Ikea or Bunnings Voucher instead. It’s a sneaky ploy…it’s not the real me!

I’m guessing a lot of people will be getting Westfield vouchers for Christmas this year.

Sweet Treats – A Typographical Cookbook


Woodward Design in Canada have put together a typographical feast of desserts just in time for the holidays. There are eight recipes inside, each one with a fun typographical spin (the fonts are listed and sourced as well). The perfect Christmas gift for the dessert and/or typography lover.

Woodward Design:

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Confident Woman – Belinda Vesey-Brown

Inspirational RED-i Design Principal Designer and regular design-o-saurus blogger Belinda Vesey-Brown now features on the Confident Woman website – Australia’s leading authority on self-confidence and self-esteem.

Belinda shares her life experiences and how they have impacted on her view of things. Some of the experiences that have influenced Belinda the most are walking the Kokoda Track and having a co-walker die, and surviving a shattering car accident. Belinda now has a “100 Dreams List” she is working through – afterall, life is short so it’s best to make the most of it.

Have a read at Confident Woman and leave comments on what you think.


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You’re invited to…

I am getting to a certain age where my friends are starting to get engaged, married or having babies. As their token graphic designer friend the tasks generally falls on me to come up with invitations. Now being a designer I don’t want my friends to have run of the mill invitations, I want to have some fun with their invitations and make them as special as the day itself. So I thought I’d share some of the designs and blogs that I have found these lovely pieces on with all of you.

Rifle is my absolute favourite! Created by illustrator, Anna Bond the detail and unique treatment for each and every couples invitations is just beautiful.



Mint is another source of inspiration. Ellie Snow is the creator of some beautiful invitations. Here’s one that she recently produced for her Halloween party.


Then comes Twig and Thistle. This site is full of beautiful fun paper based things but the children’s party invitations and party theme blew my mind.



I could go on for ages about the beautiful invitations I found in my online travels and these are just a few of my favourites.

Yours in design,

3 Weeks With Coco Chanel – Photography Exhibition









For anyone who has ever worn a dress (or appreciated how it looks on a woman), know that the item of clothing has probably been influenced somewhere along the line by the French fashionista, Coco Chanel. Coco’s skill with fabric and unashamed originality revolutionised the fashion world of the twentieth century and she was often the topic of conversation in aristocratic circles.

Today, Chanel still manages to be on the lips of the upwardly mobile and for the next 4 weeks, Queens Plaza is proud to present “Three Weeks With Coco Chanel”; an exhibition of photographic works by Douglass Kirkland.

Kirkland was a renowned Hollywood photographer, working with the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Judy Garland. An assignment in 1962 for Look magazine brought him to Paris, and while he was there, he stayed with Chanel for twenty-one days. During this time Kirkland was able to take many candid pictures of the fashion icon, both in her public and private lives.

The exhibition is running until the 13th of December at Queens Plaza, which is located in the heart of the city on the corner of Edward and Adelaide streets. These timeless moments that Kirkland has captured on film are not to be missed.

Boutique Markets

Sick of searching for unique items at shopping centres? Want to satisfy your “retail therapy need” elsewhere?

The Boutique Markets (formerly known as the Designers Emporium) is perfect for you. It has recently relocated to Portside Wharf in Hamilton, Brisbane and is held on the second Sunday of every month between 8am and 1pm.

The market aims to promote and cultivate emerging local talent by offering a forum to promote and sell their work to the public.The hub of creativity showcases more than 50 South East Queensland based artists, designers, stylists, crafters, and artisans. This in turn offers design savvy shoppers unique access to high quality handmade and limited edition products not available elsewhere.

Spend the day meandering between stalls and stroll the waterfront promenade before enjoying lunch in one of the many restaurants or cafes.


The Boutique Markets website offers a portal to discover the featured stallholders, and to keep up-to-date on market events.

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Movie ticket give-away


Thanks to Madman Entertainment we have 5 double in-season tickets for screenings in Brisbane to give-away to the first five people to respond to the email address: with ‘9’ in the subject line. In your email include your name and postal address where we can send your movie tickets and a sentence on what you like most about our blog.

Academy Award nominated director Shane Acker teams up with two of the world’s most visionary filmmakers, Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov to bring a totally unique and visually stunning animated fantasy epic to screen. 9 is a sublime, heartwarming adventure not to be missed.

Watch the trailer here:

Also don’t forget to put this in your diary if you’re lucky enough to be in Melbourne in 2010!… You can see the works of your favourite filmaker, Tim Burton, displayed at ACMI, Federation Square, Flinders Street from 24 June through to 10 October 2010.

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The power of paper prototyping website interfaces

Sketch it. Test it. Implement it. Sounds simple and obvious doesn’t it, but paper prototyping is often overlooked when creating a website.

How does prototyping work? Using paper sketches of your website interface you can quickly get feedback from users on what works, what doesn’t, what is instinctive and then take this information and implement it into the final interface design.

Paper Prototyping

As part of the website scoping process we create wireframes that start to depict the components of the new website and their hierarchy on the page. Paper prototyping then tests what we have created in the wireframes and cements the user experience throughout the site.

Paper Prototyping – this is how to do it.

When running a paper prototyping session it is important to have a team member interacting with the test subject and another team member observing their body language and looking for pauses and confusion in how they are interacting with the interface.  Results can be surprising, all too often what we consider to be instinctive with the latest jquery scripts for example, is in fact not obvious to the target audience. It is easy to loose sight of this as we live and breath website design and interaction. Paper prototyping gives you the chance to stop and evaluate the process and tap into the users of the website. It is cheap, quick and can save you lots of money in time or coding costs down the track. So why not give it a go.

Paper Prototyping is not just a great process for website design, use if for software development, e-commerce, hand held device design and development and I have even seen it used for an electronic ticketing machine. Paper Prototype for an electronic ticketing system

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