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If you’re interested in markets and all things arty, pretty or just different the Finders Keepers Market is on this weekend. It’s held at the old museum at the RNA Saturday and Sunday. Along with showcasing new designers and artists the market offers live music and garden café and bar… what a lovely way to spend the weekend!

To find out more details visit the Finders Keepers website.

Yours in design,

Promo Party

Last weekend I found myself happily involved in mini marketing stint in which I unknowingly promoted a brand I don’t even particularly like.

Here’s the recipe for setting up your own small scale marketing exploit. These instructions relate to a Jim Beam promotion, but you can replace the ingredients to suit your preferred brand.

Step One: Utilise social media (ideally facebook) to invite everyone you know (and don’t know) to a free event on the Island party boat.

Step Two: Add a seemingly innocent colour theme to the party, for this occasion we’ve chosen a “White Party.” Remind your guests of the rule “No white clothes, no entry”.

Step Three: Set up the decorations. This may involve coloured balloons, Jim Beam branded banners and Jim Beam posters (or whichever brand you wish to promote). This way your guests will be subjected to the brand and will subconsciously connect the great time they are having with the brand Jim Beam.

Step Four: Upon entry to the party, distribute the entry passes, in the form of a piece of paper printed with the Jim Beam logo, attached to a red Jim Beam lanyard.

Step Five: To ensure your guests are enjoying themselves during the evening, distribute red glow sticks.

Step Six: Make sure your guests have access to very reasonably priced alcohol. Doesn’t have to be Jim Beam, just as long as it’s cheap.

Step Seven: Allow approximately 2 hours of boat travel, mixed with brand saturation and drinking – this will encourage your guests to continue their celebrations well into the evening. Wait until the boat has docked and voila! 200 of your own little promo kids running wild in the city!


Yours in Design,

Windows: Mega Fail

If anyone’s in the mood for 6 minutes and 15 seconds of spew-worthy pain check out the latest “ad” (I cringe even calling it that) by Microsoft for the launch of Windows 7. They’ve proved yet again how out of touch they are with their consumers (and reality) with this over the top, cliched ad that, if Vista is anything to go by, is probably equally as bad as their new operating system. I’m praying that this is a fake and was put together by some crafty ad agency working for a competitor in a bid to drive Microsoft’s reputation even further down the toilet…please let this be the case!

Yours in design,

Art & About


Throughout this month, October 09, Sydney has been delivering an art extravaganza. With a full events program in action open to the public, there is never a dull moment on the streets of Sydney.

Take a stroll in Hyde Park and you’ll see bold imagery of Sydney life from all walks of life/culture in photographs printed on large format canvases with the trees as the backdrop.

Lining the streets in the CBD, hanging on the street banners, is the ‘Open Gallery’ exhibiting 10 striking and colourful new works by Aboriginal artists from NSW.

The Museum of Contemporary Art was jam packed with works by Australian Artists; young and old, emerging and established.

Even the laneways have been decorated by contemporary local artists commissioned to create conceptional installations using random thought provoking medium such as; prosthetic skin applied to the brick walls complete with implanted hair and even a heartbeat if you dare to touch it; a canopy of bird cages hanging from the skys; living plants and structures meshing together to form potential urban spaces.

My laneways pilgramage ended on what I thought was the highlight, I encountered an array of used items recycled to form a structure against the wall. From a second floor walkway adjoining the buildings on either side of the laneway hung boats, mannequins, cars, road signage, fence posts, water tanks, etc. It was almost like an eye-assult which stopped everyone in their tracks, keeping them engaged. My eyes were wide dancing around the crazy jigsaw puzzle of recycled materials. It evoked an infectious smile which all the viewers around me wore with the same wide eyes. This installation also doubled as a bar at night serving ‘Greenhouse Punch’ and ‘The Storm’.

I was only in Sydney for a few days entertaining myself as my partner attended a conference. The rain held me back from lots of outdoor art events including checking out the sculptures lining Bondi Beach and I know lots of the greater events were scheduled for late in the month.

To view the full program of events go to

Share with us your experiences of Art & About in Sydney, I’d love to hear what I missed out on, but don’t rub it in too much!

Yours in Design,

The laziest form of advertising

If you have ever crawled past a 100 kilometers an hour speed zone at 5 kilometers an hour, wriggled in your seat to avoid the morning sun’s heat, madly changed radio stations to avoid Guy Sebastian’s latest single, breathed in copious amount of poisonous gases spewing out of the car’s exhaust in front and burned the hell out of whatever is left of your clutch as you stop, start, get into third (horray!), quickly brake and start then stop again, then you will understand why ‘moving billboards’, or ‘mobile advertising’ is the worst, most inconvenient, most laziest form of advertising.


As I drove, nah stammered to work through a flurry of painful movements between neutral and first, I was confounded to see amongst the congestion a large truck with a giant billboard attached to its tray advertising the latest A-League game. This truck was easily as long as two perhaps three cars and its sole purpose was to get in the way of as many cars as possible (and therefore be seen by as many people as possible).

This type of advertising is, on so many levels, down-right insulting to the public as rational, thinking human beings. Even more important than the absolute inconvenience created by its presence, is the environmental harm this is doing. It creates its own particularly obnoxious pollution and as an added bonus exacerbates congestion and therefore the amount of pollution produced as a whole. In a time when it seems each new year brings with it new and equally strange weather behavior and “once in a lifetime” weather patterns, this form of advertising should be banned as just one way for us as a society to lessen our carbon footprint.

Some would suggest that because we are discussing this, that the advertising have won. I would hope that the opposite is true – that we could all be a little more discerning and deliberately not support the companies who advertise using these lazy and inconsiderate methods. Surely there is more creative and respectful ways to advertise.

Yours in design,

All things Italian

As we gear up this weekend to take our Fiats to  FIERITALIA to be held in New Farm park (Sunday 18th October), I realised how lucky I am to be part of a car club  (Fiat Car Club Queensland) that is very social and welcoming to anyone who has a remote interest in Italian cars. It is a club that I am proud to be a member of. We get to drive each others cars, put our cars on display for events around brisbane (and further a field), dine out with like minded people and we NEVER get tired of helping each other out with information and talking about cars, it is really quite exciting.

Driving these zipping little unique cars (in Australia) is an experience every day, as people see you in traffic and wave, or ask you what it is and there are those who can’t wait to tell you about the Fiat they used to own. I just love it.  They are not generally expensive cars but the richness I get from driving them is priceless.

I hope to see you at FIERITALIA on Sunday, come over to the display cars and say hi.

Yours in Design


Wholphin Short Movies

wholphin 8The Brisbane Powerhouse has started a bi-monthly showing of rare and never- seen-before short films. Under the title Wholphin, (a hybrid whale/dolphin), these free Saturday afternoon sessions are held in the subterranean turbine rehearsal room at 3pm.

We have picnic in the park with friends before we go in, it makes for a fun free afternoon, and so far the shorts have all been interesting for one reason or another.

The Al Gore documentary by Spike Leeze in the 1st session was a fascinating insight into a famous politician’s private, family life. Shot during the 2000 Presidential campaign in the US, it was never released prior to being shown on the DVD collection from Wholphin.

The French animation in the 2nd session was superbly crafted and shot, if a little languid in it’s meaning; but then it was French. The other short films provided plenty of laughs in the hour we spent downstairs at the Powerhouse.

There is a soft sell for the DVD collection, which you can buy at the table outside, and a suggestion that you may like to donate to Oxfam on the way out.

It is a pleasant way to spend a Saturday afternoon, and I will be going back to the December session.

Yours in design,


Are you the favourite person of anybody?

Sweet Chops

Red-i Design is a dog-friendly workplace – we have regular residents Stella and Luby-Loo, and both of them are always hungry.

Whenever lunchtime comes around the dogs tend to linger. This wouldn’t be a problem if I wasn’t so hungry at lunchtime and could share my food – but by this time my tummy is always grumbling.

So….I went on the hunt for some doggy treats to alleviate my guilt and stumbled across Brisbane-based business Sweet Chops – a mecca for tasty dog treats.

Sweet Chops

All of their cupcakes and dog treats use dog friendly ingredients including gluten free flour, fruit, natural peanut butter and honey, carob, molasses and yoghurt. Their gourmet dog treats are handmade (baked and iced) and are designed to be a little piece of decadence for your four legged furry friends.

Their treats have no added salt or sugar and are free of artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. Each recipe is developed over time in the Sweet Chops kitchen and tested by their own pooch – Noogie.

I can’t wait to get some of these treats and test them out with Stella and Luby-Loo! I have a feeling they’ll be a hit!

Yours in design,