Why am I here?

lifepurposeI have been doing quite a bit of thinking lately about my Life Purpose…Why am I here and what can I achieve while I am here.  I know I don’t just want to be a consumer of life, to go on day after day using manufactured products and duplicating the same year of my life over and over again, the only difference being that I am getting older each year.

When Steve Irwin died I couldn’t help but think how much he achieved in his relatively short life and how much he changed and how much will continue to change as a result of his existence.  How many people make that sort of difference?

I am at a place at the moment where I want to give my life purpose, but how?  I have already done up my 100 dreams list, I know I want to retire when I am 40 and I have a plan in place with goals for each year that I am on track with, but what is the real purpose to my life and how can I, like Steve has done, make a bigger difference?

In my search, I came across a book by Dan Millman called ‘The Life You Were Born To Live – A guide to finding you life purpose’ and I have started to read it. First I calculated my birth numbers that related to chapters that talks specifically to me and who I am. As Dan says in the book ‘ At birth, our parents gave us a name; the universe gave us a number.’ I know that sounds a bit ‘freaky’ but when I started to read the chapters that were linked to my birth numbers I started to get a clearer picture of who I am and why and how I am motivated. Without going into all the details it is important for me to have a sense of freedom and discipline. The best way to describe it is a discipline to dig deeply into life, into the heart of experience, rather than just skimming the surface.

My biggest discovery on this journey to uncover my life purpose is not to define what it is in minute detail, but to realise what is important to me and that is freedom and the experiences that that will bring. I see now that I can’t just put everything on hold until I turn 40 and retire, I need to experience snapshots of what my ideal life will be like, now. Sounds like fun, I can’t wait to get started.  I have just got to remember to think BIG.

Yours in Design


Designer Fight Club

Designer Fight Club

After a hugely successful launch last year, BAD next byte Designer Fight Club is back for another round of visual brutality. You can see Brisbane’s most kick ass designers, art directors and wildcard entrants battle it out in a wild live design event.

They will have to answer punishing design briefs set by industry heavyweights inside a hectic 30 minute deadline. They will be equipped with an arsenal of weapons including the lastest design software and technology from next byte, stock images and graphic assets plus their own skills, and we will learn if they can pay the bills.

It’s sure to be an entertaining evening all round!

Yours in Design,


Purity or Pubity?


I was sitting having a quiet drink in front of the fire one cold afternoon while on holidays recently and I was talking to my father in law who was drinking this Cascade Premium Light. Being a graphic designer and a stickler for good typography I was interested to see the treatment of type and how it interacted with the Tasmanian Tigers ear. Clearly I could read Genuine ‘Pubity’… have a look and let me know what you think?

Was this an intentional act by the designers or an oversight?  I can’t help but think that this was an oversight and now in production a costly item to change. Still some could argue that it is a memorable addition to the brand, something to joke about over a cold one!  I will let you be the judge!


Yours in Design


HIA Expo works wonders for Brisbane City Council


Brisbane City Council’s exhibit at the HIA Renovate & Build Expo at the Brisbane Convention Centre was a roaring success with the engaging display attracting a lot of attention on the GreenSmart Building Zone. This custom display created by RED-i Design showcased an interior house scene where various tips were positioned over areas that could be altered to become more ‘green’.


The ADAPTable Home Solutions exhibit was another draw card for the three-day event featuring a three bedroom home with both indoor and outdoor living, made from three modular components. The ADAPTable home was built on site and designed exclusively for the expo, showcasing innovative living space solutions as well as energy efficient products from exhibitors.

All in all it was a great expo for home builders, renovators and those who are interested in sustainable solutions for the future.

Yours in design,

Heavy Meta: Design and the Informational Baroque


New York designer, Barbara Glauber, is touring the country later this month as part of AGDA’s international speaker program. Barbara is a founding partner of the Smoking Gun website and is on the faculty at Yale University as a critic in graphic design. She loves typography and chocolate (don’t we all?) and during her talk, titled ‘Heavy Meta: Design and the Informational Baroque’, she will discuss her methods and share stories.

Details: events.agda.com.au