What is Eco-Design?


Eco-Design is an initiative brought about by Design Victoria. Launched at the end of April, ‘What is Eco-Design?’ is your complete guide to sustainable design. Why is this such a great thing for designers? Because we are always challenged by our clients to find environmentally friendly and sustainable design solutions. At ‘What is Eco-Design?’ you will find everything you need to adhere to the current principles and practices of sustainable design for all areas of the industry, including graphic, textile, fashion and industrial design.

‘What is Eco-Design?’ could become the best place to start when nutting out those tricky environmentally friendly client briefs…

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Gruen Transfer decodes the ad world


I’m sure we’ve all seen ABC’s Gruen Transfer with their panel of ad execs dissecting the latest ad campaigns. But you might not have seen their website which has some pretty good descriptions of the people who make up an advertising agency in the ADLAND section called ADWORKERS. You can also learn to ADSPEAK and get up to speak with advertising lingo like ‘Death by Focus Group’ and ‘Greenwashing’. You can chat on the forum, vote for the adverts that were on ‘the pitch’ and read up on ads that were talked about in the show, which is crammed into a very short 30mins. I’m a little sad that I’ll have to wait until next year for the next season of Gruen but at least I’ll be able to catch up on the episodes I missed on the site.

> View the Gruen Transfer website here

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Pecha Kucha Volume 11


Yes, it’s that time again! Pecha Kucha is back in Brisbane and back at the Powerhouse for this installment on the 3 June.

Starting at 8.20pm, speakers include the Director of the Queensland Museum, Ian Galloway; local textile designer, KT Doyle; and founder of In Finland Records, Nick Smethurst. Along with eight other equally diverse speakers, Pecha Kucha Volume 11 is sure to be an interesting evening! To find out more, head to the Pecha Kucha website…

When: 3 June
Where: Turbine Hall, Brisbane Powerhouse

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Sustainable Graphic Design Widget

Sustainable Graphic Design widget

QLD based graphic designer Rebecca Green, with 10 years experience under her belt decided it was time to take a new look at the world of design. She took a break from working and did a Masters of Design at the Queensland Collage of Art. Her thesis discusses the question “What can be done to promote the use of sustainable graphic design in Brisbane?”

As part of this thesis she has created a Sustainable Design Widget. Divided into three sections; “paper”, “print” and “more info”, the sustainable graphic design widget delivers basic information about the environmental impacts that design methods and techniques have.

Designed primarily as an easily-accessed working tool for designers, the widget also has some ethical tips and links to other websites with more information.

You can download the widget for free from Apple.

If you would like to read Rebecca’s thesis it is available to download from her blog site Be a Good Human.

Info from AGDA and Apple Widgets.

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Consumption Atlas


I just found this really well-designed site which shows your greenhouse pollution, water use and eco-footprint. You can search by postcode and state. It also has tips and FAQs. It’s not so much to content that caught my attention but the great design, easy navigation and short loading times that did. Have a look at the Consumption Atlas and see for yourself.

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Wooden Toy Quarterly Handmade Edition out now!!

Wooden Toy Quartley - Hand Made Edition

Wooden Toy Quarterly is a self-published art and design publication out of Melbourne. It is a work of love and devotion to emerging art and culture by award winning Art Director, Designer and Artist Timba Smits.

The latest edition is a work of art in itself – each spread meticulously created by hand by Timba. The contents page alone was enough to make me buy this mag let alone the other 154 pages!

So if your feeling locked to your computer and need some creative inspiration to get the pencils and paint flowing again, grab a copy and enjoy!


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